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Mondays 6-7pm EST | Mixed Level Vinyasa 

This mixed-level class will combine fluid movement to inspire breath and blood flow, along with intentional alignment awareness, strength building and tension release. The pace will provide a mindful challenge, while leaving space to access fun, lightness and creativity in your practice. A familiarity with the yoga postures is recommended for your safety and enjoyment. Class hopes to leave the practitioner feeling invigorated, the mind quiet, and the spirit joyful. 


Suggested abundance exchange $10-20 via PayPal or Venmo @Brianna-Taylor-10.

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Wednesdays 12-1pm EST | Fusion Flow

A bit like the above, with a little more space to wiggle, shake, release, swish, settle (add your favorite movement word here…). Inspired by movement modalities that enliven my practice and awaken my body, this class will offer somatic explorations, likely something to invigorate the heartbeat, definitely some yoga for stability and stretch, and always meditation moments to ground and return to self. 


Suggested abundance exchange $10-20 via PayPal or Venmo @Brianna-Taylor-10.

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**I'm dreaming of new class offerings and new times. If there is a class you're hoping for and a preferred time you'd love, I'd love to hear from you! Reach out HERE.

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